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        Pao School is a non-profit private school. To operate, the school depends on tuition fees, funding from the founder's family, and donations from individuals in various professional fields. Tuition fees are used to support the school's daily operations. To accomplish the school's mission and improve learning experiences for our students, the school needs additional funding for large-scale developments, including whole person education, bilingual education, the maintenance of facilities as well as scholarships and financial aid programmes. Your donation shows your trust in the school, and more importantly, it supports our students as they grow into compassionate and dedicated global citizens.

        The Pao School Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization established in Hong Kong. The Foundation is in partnership with Shanghai Education Development Foundation in China and Give2Asia in the United States. Donors subjected to taxation in Hong Kong, Shanghai and the US may be eligible for tax deduction or exemption according to relevant regulations.

        "Every teacher is a language teacher. This is not a new concept, but in practice it is difficult to execute. Of the training programmes I've attended, this is the most practical and maintainable! This training programme truly combines theory and practice."

        Primary Deputy Principal

        "I want to become an artist as well as a writer and through my work promote environmental awareness. I am honoured to be granted a scholarship which empowers me in pursuing my dream."

        Scholarship Student

        "At YK Pao School, we offer bilingual education. This means our students not only learn two languages, but also learn through the two languages for subjects they study. I am very excited the Pao School Foundation has been able to support my teaching of ESL students."

        English Teacher, Primary School

        "On behalf of the PE department, we would like to thank the Foundation for their generous support over the years. Because of you, we can offer outstanding facilities and programmes to keep all our Pao students active and healthy while offering a whole-person education."

        PE teacher, High School

        "The YK Pao School Foundation plays a very special role in the growth of the school. With the help of the Foundation, our parents' donations have helped to encourage others to contribute to the development of Pao School."

        Former PTA Chairman, High School

        "Charity begins at home. We want to set a good example for our children by taking action, and help them understand the importance of being grateful and giving back to the community. Our children are proud to be a part of the school and the school takes pride in its students."

        Parent, High School