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      1. OVERVIEW

        Building a school for tomorrow’s China!

        YK Pao School is a non-profit school generously funded by its founders. At present, the school's operations rely mainly on tuition and donations by the Pao family, parents and members of the community.

        Great schools need outstanding resources. Based on our experience in international education, the quality of education has direct correlation with the school's financial resources and the size and scope of its foundation. The YK Pao School Foundation was established in 2010 to provide a platform for supporters and become the driving force behind the school's continual development.

        Since the establishment of the Foundation, the founders' family, foundation members, parents and supporters of the school have generously donated over 90 million CNY to the Foundation, funding projects in strategic areas including campus development, scholarships and financial aid, teaching talent, bilingual teaching, whole-person education, and information technology.

        Through the YK Pao School Foundation, we hope to foster a culture of charity and help our students grow into compassionate and dedicated global citizens. We are committed to establishing a world-class school that gives back to the community through education at the grassroots level.

        Together we can build a world-class school

        Over the last few years, I've often been asked why I decided to pursue the field of education instead of joining the family business. In fact, education has always been a part of my family business. My grandfather, Sir YK Pao, has always shown great interest in the development of China's education. He funded the libraries of both Ningbo University and Jiao Tong University and established the Sino-British Friendship Scholarship Programme. Establishing the non-profit YK Pao School is not only our way of carrying on Sir YK Pao's enthusiasm and support of education, but also to give back to the community at the grass-roots level.

        I often tell my friends that we are the founders of Pao School, but the school doesn't just belong to us. It belongs to everyone. It belongs to the community. This is the dream that we started, and we hope you will join us in helping Pao School become a world-class school for tomorrow's China.

        Philip Sohmen,

        Pao School Co-founder and Executive Deputy Chairman

        We make a living by what we get…we make a life by what we give.

        ——Winston Churchill