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        Pao School summer camps focus on the three pillars of the school's mission: Developing the whole person, passing on traditions of Chinese culture and fostering an international perspective. We work with selected international experts to design the curriculum of our summer camps, which feature small class sizes, arts, culture, sports and more. The camps offer a rich educational experience for both Pao School students and their counterparts from other schools.

        Students can choose between a core topic of interest delivered by select trainers that  includes academic, technology, arts, culture and sports, courses.

        The purpose of our camp activities is to offer children a great experience in YK Pao School and a whole-person education.

        Please see the summary and attachments below for our camp offerings this year.

        Contact us for more information about our summer camps:

        Day Camp

        Email: summercamp@ykpaoschool.cn

        Tel: +86 21 61671999 *8309/8306

        Boarding Camp

        Email: residentialcamp@ykpaoschool.cn

        Tel: +86 21 61671999 *8302/9208