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        YK Pao School believes in the importance of parent engagement as a crucial part of the education process. All Pao School parents, educators, and staff are general members of the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association).


        • ?To serve as a bridge between parents and the school, promote communication between families and the school and steadfastly supporting the school to fulfil its tasks and objectives
        • ?To assist the school in developing and maintaining a good reputation as well as providing constructive feedback on teaching and learning
        • ?To work with school administrators and staff to develop special programmes celebrating important festivals and to provide constructive resources for events


        The Pao School PTA is a welcoming and inclusive organisation whose goal is to enhance the spirit, cooperation, and involvement of parents with the administration, office staff, and the educators.

        PTA Committees And Meetings

        All members are welcome to join any of the PTA's various committees. Committees are headed by a volunteer chairperson. Communication regarding a committee's efforts should flow through its chairperson and not through the administration or educators.

        Meetings of PTA committees should be organized by the committee's chairperson. Grade Year meetings are organized by the Grade Year leaders and should occur at least once per semester.

        General PTA meetings are open to all parents and educators and are held regularly, generally on the second Monday of each month. Every effort is made to hold the meeting at a time that is convenient for the most number of attendees. The first general meeting of the year is a special meeting at which PTA officers are ratified.

        Executive Committee Meetings

        The Executive Committee consists of the PTA's four officers, the school's principals, and one Grade Year representative from each year level, and the committee chairperson. The Executive Committee meets are held once a month. If there is an issue you would like to discuss at one of these meetings, please notify the secretary who will arrange to have the item put on the agenda in advance.


        Any questions regarding our PTA may be directed at: pta@ykpaoschool.cn.

        Announcements regarding PTA meetings, events, and other news will originate from this account. Email communication to all general members and parents requires Executive Committee meeting approval and should be used with discretion. Officers and members should use their own personal email addresses for communication to others.

        Parent-Led Clubs


        The Pao School Run-A-Way Club was founded in 2009 by a group of Pao School parents. With strong support of the school, the club now has over 600 members, with its main activities focused on hiking and cycling activities for both parents and students.

        The RAW tradition include its trips to Lake Tai, Qiandao Lake, Taiwan, Chongming Island and Hainan. The club also holds its annual Journey of Growth cycling trip, organising a route that starts from its Primary School campus to its High School campus in Songjiang.

        Football Dads

        Founded in 2014, Football Dads is a Pao School football team formed by Pao School fathers and teachers. The group, which has competed in the Shanghai Masters Cup, meets regularly and actively participates in school events as well as their children's football training.