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      1. TUITION

        In accordance with the school's non-profit status, fees are established by the school to reflect the cost of operations and development in line with the school's mission and our goal of providing a unique and world-class education. All income from fees is used solely for the purpose of operating and developing YK Pao School. In addition to fee income, the school relies on support from our founders and donors to be able to continue operating. Fees are reviewed annually and adjusted according to actual expenditures and inflation.

        2020/2021 School Year Fees (per semester)

        Primary School CampusMiddle School CampusHigh School Campus
        Year GroupYear 1-5Year 6-7Year 8-9Year 10-12
        Tuition FeeRMB 78,000RMB 95,000RMB 95,000RMB 105,000
        Boarding Fee (5-day boarding)

        RMB 9,800RMB 9,800

        The tuition fee covers tuition and other educational costs to support the school's unique curriculum and education programme. It also covers the cost of textbooks, other learning materials and student supplies, and school activities.