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      1. FAQS

        Below are some common questions about our admissions process. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us at admissions@ykpaoschool.cn and we will get back to you within three working days.


        Can YK Pao School enroll both Chinese and foreign students?

        YK Pao School is a private bilingual school that can enroll Chinese and foreign students who meet the requirements of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

        How do I prepare for the application for admission?

        We recommend that you first attend Pao School's information sessions and learn more about our pedagogies and education philosophy. Afterwards, if you feel that Pao School is a good fit, submit the online information registration form and upload the relevant information (see the list of materials). After we have received your application materials, you will receive an email confirmation.

        Does Pao School offer any activities that can help familiarise applicants with the school?

        We welcome parents to visit our school and join our events, including our introductory meeting, open house, and meetings with volunteer parents and subject coordinators, and speaking events. Please register on our website: www.ndarfall.com

        How can I make an appointment to participate in the above activities?

        Please click HERE to make an appointment to participate in our daily information sessions or follow our WeChat public platform (ID: ykpaoschool). You can also make an appointment to participate in our weekend Exploration Day activities or our speaker series. Please note that spaces are limited for all of these events.

        Is there an age restriction for admission to the school?

        Children applying for the first grade must be 6 years old before August 31 of the year of enrollment. Transfer students apply according to the years they are in. The school does not accept skipping or repeating years (refer to the age comparison table).

        Is there a registration fee for applying to YK Pao School? In addition to tuition fees, what other fees are there?

        There is no registration fee for applying to YK Pao School. In addition to tuition fees, meals and school uniform fees are required to enroll at the school, and other fees are paid as required.

        Does the school have a boarding programme?

        YK Pao School currently provides boarding for students in years 9-12. You can apply for boarding or day school when you register online. The final boarding arrangement is subject to the school's confirmation.

        Can students apply to live on campus all seven days of the week?

        Pao School does not accept applications for 7-day stays from students who live in the city of Shanghai and its suburbs. For all other students, applications for 7-day stays must be confirmed by the school.

        If a student has not been accepted previously, how will it affect the student's new application?

        There is no cause for concern. We encourage students well suited for Pao School to apply again when they are fully ready.

        I am now a Middle School student. How do I apply for the IB programme for Year 10?

        According to the Provisions of the Shanghai Municipal Board of Education, those who want to enroll in the Year 10 IB programme at Pao School must pass the Pao School independent entrance exam to receive pre-acceptance. They also need to pass the local Zhong Kao (an examination) organised by the relevant authorities and meet the minimum requirements to be officially accepted to Pao School.

        When can I register for the High School campus?

        The online registration time for Pao School's High School campus is from the beginning of October. You are welcome to call to inquire about a specific registration time.

        What are the admissions criteria for the High School campus?

        Pao School hopes that students can successfully adapt to the IB curriculum, boarding life and community culture of the High School campus. Having a positive attitude towards learning and good character as well as being well rounded are desirable traits for our High School students. Thus, during the admissions process the school carefully examines applicants' academic record and also evaluates them with written examinations and an interview process.


        Does the school provide transportation for students?

        School bus service is provided daily for the Primary and Middle School campuses, with pick-up locations in various parts of Shanghai. YK Pao School has a professional school bus management team, experienced school bus drivers and school bus mothers. The High School campus provides weekly school buses to and from the city and does not provide daily school buses.

        What is the dress code for students on campus?

        Students should wear uniforms every day according to the school requirements. Pao School uniforms vary by campus.

        Does the school provide orientation for new students?

        Yes, the school will arrange a new orientation programme for all newly admitted students so that students and parents can better understand the student life after enrollment. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition.

        What kind of certificate will the student receive after graduating from High School?

        Students who have fulfilled Pao School's High School requirements (which include completing the relevant courses and passing High School level examinations in Chinese language, as well as the Humanities and other courses) will receive a High School diploma. According to the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), students also have the opportunity to obtain an international diploma from the International Baccalaureate Organization.

        Can students take the college entrance examination after graduation?

        The High School offers an international education programme and students will not take part in the Chinese National College Entrance Examination (Gao Kao). The school will not provide any related preparation support. If a student would like to take the Chinese National College Entrance Examination (Gao Kao), he or she needs to consult the yearly policies of the Education Bureau.