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        Admissions Criteria


        We wish for families who share the same goals as Pao School to join our community. Pao School is a bilingual educational institution, and we believe that studying a language is a long-term process. Thus we do not encourage students to apply who plan to study at Pao School for less than two years. We look for the following qualities in our students:

        • ?Fluency in both English and Chinese, the ability to use Chinese or English as a second language
        • ?Passionate about learning and school, with a positive attitude
        • ?Understands the rigorous requirements for bilingual education, committed to academic integrity
        • ?Independent and an analytical thinker
        • ?Shows ambition to learn and is willing to take risks  
        • ?Thinks of an individual as a part of the community, respect others, is able to cooperate with peers and has good social skills
        • ?Shows other positive character traits
        Role of the Family
        • ?Support the mission of Pao School
        • ?Support the Pao School bilingual and multicultural education system
        • ?Support the Pao School curriculum, including the Cambridge IGCSE, the most popular international qualification for 14 to 16-year-olds, and the IBDP, which also provides an internationally-accepted qualification for entry into higher education
        • ?Support boarding life at Pao School
        Admission Standards

        Academic Integrity
        • Upholding academic integrity is integral to a Pao School education. It is also paramount to having a successful career and achieving one’s goals in life.
        Academic Assessment
        • Pao School has its own assessment criteria to evaluate applicants’ English, Chinese and Mathematics ability. Based on applicant report cards (grades), we assess their overall learning skills, as well as their specific ability to use resources and technology. Generally, these assessments can reflect whether a student is able to adapt Pao School’s academic environment; at the same time, they reflect the student’s academic level.
        • In order to adhere to the rigorous academic requirements of Pao School, students must conduct themselves appropriately. This is also important for ensuring the campus environment is agreeable. We understand students occasionally make mistakes, but we also believe that those who misbehave and fail to learn from their mistakes are likely to suffer academically.

        Admission Process

        Application Requirements

        Families wishing to apply at YK Pao School must meet the eligibility requirements (one of the four categories listed below) set out by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.


        Please see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information on the application process.