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        After attending Pao School's 12-year Chinese Culture Programme, students will be able to appreciate and draw upon the richness of Chinese culture in their everyday lives. They will learn to respect different cultures, appreciate aesthetic beauty, be effective team players, use correct judgment, and cultivate an innovative spirit. Through classroom and extracurricular activities, students learn to practise Pao School's core values of compassion, integrity, and balance, allowing them to develop an optimistic and morally sound outlook on life.

        Pao School offers a comprehensive Chinese culture curriculum that runs from Year 1 to 12, covering language and literature, philosophy and religion, politics, history, geography and economics, art, sports, scenic visits, and customs.

        The curriculum also integrates different pedagogies; for instance, experimental learning and activities; explicit and implicit courses, individual subjects and interdisciplinary courses, as well as compulsory and optional courses.

        Instruction focuses on inspiring a passion for Chinese culture. Teachers act as guides to Chinese culture, cultivating students' cultural awareness, confidence and analytical thinking abilities. Learning occurs both individually and as part of a team, both inside and outside the classroom.

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        Pao School's Primary, Middle and High School worked together to establish a complete programme covering Years 1 to 12, including syllabus, content, assessment and resources for each year group. We have established a complete list of compulsory and optional Chinese readings. The readings are selected from the most prominent literary works in China's storied history, including Three Character Classic for beginners; ancient poems such as Shi Jing (the Book of Songs) and Hundred Tang Poems; the celebrated The Finest of Ancient Prose; Lun Yu (The Analects of Confucius); Four Books; The Dream of the Red Chamber; The Four Great Classical Novels, modern literature such as Call to Arms & Wandering, Thunderstorm, My Memories of Old Beijing, Fortress Besieged. The list also includes translated work, such as Resurrection, philosophical works such as A Short History of Chinese Philosophy, scientific readings such as The History of Science and new books such as To Live and Insight. At the same time, in an effort to pass on the traditions of Chinese culture, Pao School integrates its Chinese culture programme with other subjects and organises Chinese cultural events such as calligraphy, debates, recitations and dramatic performances.