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        YK Pao School, Shanghai, is named after Sir YK Pao. It was founded in 2007. YK Pao grew up in tumultuous times in China, when civil war and World War II rendered many on the brink of starvation. He not only survived the ravages of time, but also rose to become an astute banker in Shanghai. His hard work and perseverance (including self-taught English), his charismatic leadership, and sharp business acumen turned him into the biggest ship owner in the world in the 1970s. Moreover, he was able to bridge the gap between China and the United Kingdom at a critical moment during the negotiation of the return of Hong Kong to China. He based his life on the strong belief that self-discipline, diligence, with a healthy mental and physical disposition through exercise, and lifelong learning would help one achieve one’s targets. Pao School embodies the essence of his spirit and his values of Compassion, Integrity, and Balance.

        At Pao School, educators and staff alike endeavour to build a world-class school for tomorrow’s China with an international perspective. We aim not only for the highest standards in everything we do but also for the school to serve the community from across the world, and for our students to be prepared for their futures, which is becoming increasingly complex and unpredictable. As we accumulate greater wealth and better health, we also face more challenging decisions as a community as well as individually. At the same time as we value Chinese traditions and culture, we prepare our students for a worldly outlook – we nurture their creativity and equip them with the best skills and competencies to lead in this modern age of knowledge. More importantly, we help students develop a healthy balance of work and personal interests, mental and psychological stamina, and strength of character to make informed decisions in our complex and ever-changing world.

        Pao School is a non-profit school sustained by tuition income. While the small educator-student ratio and highly-qualified educators require high tuition fees, we endeavour to raise funds in order to make this education accessible to talented but underprivileged students. We hope that through the Pao School experience, our students will learn to give back to society in different ways.