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      1. HISTORY


        World Shipping Magnate

        Sir YK Pao built his empire from scratch, starting his shipping business in the 1950s. Two decades later, his calm business style had earned him the title of 'World Shipping Magnate.' Sir YK Pao then extended the scope of his business, purchasing holdings in the then Hong Kong and Kowloon Wharf and Godown Co. Ltd and Wheelock Marden, and later served as HSBC’s first Chinese director and vice chairman. He established Dragonair with KP Chao, writing an important chapter in Asian business.

        A Distinguished Statesman

        Deng Xiaoping met with Sir YK Pao several times at the Great Hall of the People, speaking on the return of Hong Kong to China, and exchanging views on the situation in Hong Kong and abroad. Sir YK Pao leveraged his close ties with the British government, acting as a point of liaison between China and British governments.

        Sir YK Pao's dedication in building our homeland played an important role in the formation of one nation, two systems. 

        – Deng Xiaoping

        A Patriotic Philanthropist

        Sir YK Pao dedicated himself to supporting the development of his country. After achieving success in business and politics, he focused his energies on cultivating talent. In all parts of the world, particularly in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, Sir YK Pao generously donated over USD 100 million in support of education, including the establishment of schools, scholarships and libraries. In June 9, 1986, the signing ceremony for the Sino-British Friendship Scholarship Programme took place on 10 Downing Street, UK. The programme eventually funded over 1600 Chinese students to pursue their studies in the UK.

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        Pao School was founded in commemoration of Sir YK Pao's 90th birthday and the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, by his daughter, Professor Anna Pao Sohmen, grandson Mr Philip Sohmen, and Professor Tan Fuyun.

        Pao School Primary Division opened in September with year groups 1-3.


        The Primary Division moved to the new campus on Wuding Road West (former Xingwu Middle School), Changning District.


        An official opening ceremony was held on the new Changning campus in September.

        Planning began for the Secondary boarding school in Thames Town, Songjiang District.


        The Secondary Division officially opened.


        Pao School is designated an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS).


        Pao School earns CIS and WASC accreditation.

        The Middle School Hongqiao Campus officially opened.