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      1. ABOUT US



        YK Pao School is a pioneering international Chinese school. The school is a private non-profit institution founded in 2007, in memory of shipping magnate Sir Yue-Kong Pao, the renowned Chinese businessman, statesman and philanthropist. With around 1500 students from China and overseas, the school offers a unique Year 1-12 educational programme that integrates elements of Shanghai and international curricula, culminating with the IGCSE and IB Diploma programmes, both of which are complemented by core components of the Shanghai curriculum.

        Pao School's innovative Chinese-English immersion bilingual programme nurtures the whole person - the entire emotional, social, physical and intellectual being – and prepares students to become engaged and responsible global citizens of the 21st century.

        Pao School is divided into Primary, Middle and High School. The Primary School (Years 1-5) is a day school located in Shanghai's city centre, while the Middle School (Years 6-8) and the High School (Years 9-12) are located on the new Hongqiao campus and in Shanghai's Songjiang District offering UK/US style boarding education as well as catering to day students.


        To build a world-class school for tomorrow's China, educating global citizens and future leaders on a foundation of strong values and academic excellence.


        Developing the whole person

        Our students will develop intellectual, social and emotional skills, strong character and positive attitudes through a diverse range of learning environments and activities.

        Passing on traditions of Chinese culture

        Our students will gain a deep understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture, including literature, history, philosophy, and art.

        Fostering an international perspective

        Our students will develop both intercultural knowledge and skills to address issues and succeed on a global stage.



        Offering help to others, being kind to others, having a kind heart, showing goodwill, being generous with our time and energy for others.


        Taking full responsibility for our actions, doing what is right even when nobody is looking, being honest and fair.


        Being aware of the different opinions of others or different ways of doing things. Our emotions are not overpowering and we can think and act in a clear and mindful way.


        Confidence: I am confident

        I am courageous enough to express my opinion in multiple contexts but am self-aware enough to do it with humility and respect for others

        I am ready to confront new situations and prepared to take risks in my journey to academic and personal maturity

        I communicate well and can present my ideas clearly and with consideration in any context

        Curiosity: I am curious

        I am an inquirer who is observant and investigative, and keen to gain new knowledge and understanding

        I am open-minded and able to think critically, evaluating different perspectives and interpretations of topics

        I am interested in the opinions of others, listen actively and always seek to collaborate with my peers and understand their views

        Commitment: I am committed

        I am motivated to aim high, set clear goals, and put in the required effort

        I persevere when situations are challenging and am resilient; engaging with difficulties as opportunities to learn

        I am a responsible student who keeps promises and fulfils my duties, taking all my commitments seriously

        Creativity: I am creative

        I am able to use my knowledge and experience to generate my own ideas and apply them within my studies

        I look for connections and seek innovative ways to approach situations and solve problems

        I use a variety of methods to express my ideas and opinions

        Reflection: I am reflective

        I critically evaluate the information I have been studying, and analyze how it can be understood in different ways before forming a conclusion

        I reflect deeply on what I have learned, and evaluate my learning methods in pursuit of growing self-awareness (metacognition)

        I manage myself efficiently to prioritise time so I can complete the tasks I am set and achieve my goals