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      1. OUR MISSIONDeveloping the whole person

        OUR MISSION Passing on traditions of chinese culture

        OUR MISSIONFostering an international perspective

        Welcome to YK Pao School

        YK Pao School is a pioneering international Chinese school. The school is a non-profit private institution founded in 2007, in memory of shipping magnate Sir Yue-Kong Pao. With over 1500 students from China and overseas, the school offers a unique Year 1-12 educational programme. Pao School's innovative Chinese-English immersion bilingual programme nurtures the whole person - the entire emotional, social, physical, and intellectual being – and prepares students to become engaged and responsible global citizens of the 21st century.

        Primary School Campus

        The Primary School campus is located on West Wuding Road in Shanghai's Changning District, which forms an important part of the city's vibrant downtown. Lined with plane trees and historic architecture, West Wuding Road is one of Shanghai's most scenic throughfares. The campus' tranquil and picturesque setting creates an ideal environment for learning.

        Middle School Campus

        The Middle School campus is not far from Xijiao State Guest Hotel. With a lower residential density, the green environment provides an excellent, airy campus for our Middle School students.

        High School Campus

        The High School campus is situated in Thames Town, a residential area in Shanghai's historic Songjiang District modelled on an English village, complete with Tudor houses, London street names and red telephone boxes.

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